Testimonials From Past Attendees, Physicians, Staff, PAs and Nurses

IN 2019, the CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM took place in Atlanta, GA USA … 30+ Breakouts; More than 40 Speakers; Presentations by Research Scientists, Geneticists, Industry Business Leaders, Physicians and Concierge Doctors. Imagine what we can do in 2020!

“What a Powerhouse conference! And, what a gift this is to Doctors and those of us in the trenches of medicine and fatigued or worse yet, burned out on the practice of medicine. CMT is doing a remarkable thing here. They’re teaching us [eg Doctors] that small things to Patients lead to big things. Or in other words … ‘Remarkable leads to memorable’ and that everyone of us has something ‘Unique’ that keeps our Patients coming back. They’re teaching us the small and simple strategies that help us be remarkable Physicians to our Patients, again. They’re a tremendous resource for Doctors anywhere. This is a permanent fixture on my calendar every year. I wouldn’t miss it. Every year is different and this year was so ‘Unique’, literally! CMT, Michael and their team and Physician Faculty they personally know and bring together at this event has brought significant and positive change to my career as a Physician. From A.I., Precision Medicine Education, Marketing my Practice, Genetics, Succession Planning and Retirement faculty to practice valuation, their ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ Focus has truly been life-changing.”

Concierge Medicine Physician, Florida

“I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this … but as a Doctor, we forfeit the right to make excuses. CMT, this conference and the Physicians I met solved a huge problem for me. I came not knowing what to expect, ready to quit medicine. They encouraged and inspired me and my staff to see that we are ‘Unique.’ That we do have immeasurable value as Doctors to our Patients. I’m a burned out Physician … but I’m reinvigorated and inspired. They taught me that the most healthy form of growth comes through my Patients. If I serve them well, make myself small and them big [encourage them more often], they’ll demand I grow. I’m ready to continue practicing medicine.”

Internal Medicine Physician, New Jersey

“The theme of this years event was #FORDOCTORS and CMT encouraged us each to #BEUNIQUE. It was so relevant #FORME! Thank you!”

Family Medicine Concierge Physician, Utah

“I really loved hearing lectures on cutting-edge medical topics. They know what they’re talking about.”

Hospitalist Physician, Houston


“Candid and refreshing speakers compared to all the other medical conferences. Very inspirational and practical. The Breakouts were so interesting!”

Physician, Fairfax, Virginia

“This was the BEST MEDICAL CONFERENCE I’ve been to in my career … and I’ve been a Physician for over 40-years!”

Concierge Medicine Physician, Florida

“I plan to spend more time learning about my Patients, find more ways to encourage them and get their feedback. These are things we ‘think’ we do as Physicians, but we don’t often know exactly how to do it. The marketing presentations helped me see exactly where I need to be moving my practice.”

OBGYN Physician, Texas

“Hearing from a consumer [eg a Patient] perspective what they’re looking for and want out of a Concierge Medicine Physician relationship was invaluable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Family Medicine Physician, Boston, MASS.

“I learned so much! Very effective presentation [Medical Marijuana].”

“Connection to new technologies and learning from peers was stellar.”

“The financial aspect of practicing medicine can be daunting and complex. This financial planning, retirement and succession planning speaker exceeded my expectations.”

COO at a Concierge Medicine Practice, Texas

“I learned about some really useful tools for doing proper breast cancer risk assessments for women.”

Physician, Vermont

“Keep bringing ‘Unique’ vendors. Wow!”

Physician, Women’s Health, GA

“Practical, direct, experience and inspiring speakers.”

“Great command of subjects. Articulate speakers, informed and enthusiastic exhibitors.”

2019 CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM, Women’s Health, Physician Testimonial

2019 CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM, Women’s Health, Physician Testimonial

“Put in my schedule long ago. [I was] exposed to new thoughts and ideas.”

Physician, Buckhead, GA, Plastic Surgery


“I thought it was fantastic. It really is a great high-level overview with a deeper dive in into the world of genetics and how to apply them in every day practice.”

“I would definitely send Patients to this program [e.g. Pritikin, Exhibitor] … looks very nice.”

“Everything was laid out well.”

“This is cool stuff [Evidence-Based Medicine Data Utility & Use In Concierge Care]!”

2019 2020 for doctors concierge medicine forum today_10“Very dynamic, energetic and spot on.”

“Practical. Fast. Good range of covering operational practice matters. Great job!”

“Energetic conference!”“I loved the takeaway content to use Monday morning!”

“Presented good information for use in clinical practice. Thank you!”

“Very informative and relevant to my practice!”

“Full of energy, engaging and informative!”

“Wow! Wild, complex topic presented in a great way. Great job corralling a glimpse of an overwhelming movement [e.g. Medical Cannabis Research Use, Utility, Challenge and Opportunities in Medicine].”

“Very informative and productive [conference]. I have to say this conference has a lot of “HEART” and the passion from exhibitors, attendees and the speakers was palpable. GREAT JOB!”