CMTs 2020 CMF in Nov Is Virtual and Lineup Is Extraordinary!

*Schedule Subject to Change. Updates will be posted here.

You will be able to access content 24/7 from your laptop or phone. This means you can involve your entire team!


  • Each Day (Tues, Wed & Thurs) Attend One 45-60 Minute LIVE Keynote Speaker(s) Session with LIVE Q/A.
  • Time: Watch the Premier/Chat Enabled Keynote @ 12pm-1pm EST each day.


  • Each Day, Attend One 60-Minute “Master Class” Breakout With Live Q/A
  • Time: Watch the Premier/Chat Enabled Master Class From 1pm-2pm EST – Tues, Wed. and Thurs.


  • Each Day, Attend One 60-Minute “Exhibit Hall” With Live Q/A with Industry Experts
  • Time: A Chat Enabled Exhibit Hall Link Will Be Each Day From 2pm-3pm EST – Tues, Wed. and Thurs.


EACH DAY of the 2020 CMF FORUM, NEW VIDEO, Presenter Presentations Will Unlock NEW ON-DEMAND SESSIONS — Giving You MORE ACCESS to Presenters, Video Presentations, Slide Decks and More thru OUR CMT “FOR DOCTORS FORUM DIGITAL VAULT”

  • Each Day at Noon (EST) We Will Unlock New On-Demand Videos and Specical Presentations and Breakouts FOR DOCTORS.
  • These Digital Vault Sessions Will Unlock Each Day at Noon, Nov. 10-12
  • Each Day comes with an entirely New Chapter of Edu./Clincial and Topical Learning FOR DOCTORS. These on-demand educational Breakouts and Topical Presenters Will Release Their New Content For You To Watch Anytime Between its release Until these session are locked back up in our Digital Vault on December 31st, 2020 at midnight.

Our Theme in 2020 is “DO FOR ONE … what you wish you could do FOR EVERYONE.” — Because if we all did for one what we wish we could do for everyone, it might change the world. But certainly, it would change one person’s world. It may even change your world.

~A.S., Author, Speaker

Summary of What You’ll Learn!

The 2020 Concierge Medicine Forum hosted by Concierge Medicine Today can be experienced as a LIVE Stream, on-demand and at your convenience and as many times as you’d like for 45-days after the event!

  • Front row seats for EVERYONE!!!!!!
  • How-To’s and practical advice that’s in-practice, not theory.
  • We’ll discuss proven strategies for better performance.
  • Leave empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for your Patients.
  • Learn the steps needed to create a practice-work environment of teamwork and exceptional patient service so that the needs of your Patients and your staff are met.
  • Learn how to build strong relationships, remarkable word of mouth moments in your local community with a little “sweat equity” … and create Patients for life!
  • NEW TRENDS RISING in Patient Customer Service
  • Full, LIVE access to over 20+ presentations of practice energizing content
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall, networking opportunities and “Ask the Speakers” Q&As with industry leaders


We are coming to your laptop, TV, and even your phone for three days in November! You’ll get 24/7 access to online master classes designed to answer YOUR most-asked questions—all without the need for a flight, hotel, or meals budget!

During the conference, you’ll get access to LIVE keynotes and LIVE Q&A sessions. Can’t watch live? Got patients to see? No problem. This is a “concierge, on-demand, at your service” conference! Just log in and watch any of the streams afterward, on your time, your schedule and on-demand.

You’ll get access to a library of presenters, on-demand videos, LIVE keynotes, and LIVE Q&As during the 3 days of the CMF —all on the topics you’ve told us are most important to you! Plus, after the 2020 CMT FORUM is over, you’ll have access to all the LIVE and On-Demand content for an additional 45-days or until December 31st, 2020 at Midnight.


Call 770-455-1650 ext 151 or email

Join your clinician colleagues for a multi-day, virtual concierge style, networking event in this November 10-12, 2020. Participate in a new, innovative healthcare delivery curriculum designed specifically FOR DOCTORS. We’re focused on enhancing the Patient-Physician relationship and all the items and nuances around this important relationship. Our speakers, faculty and presenters will also explore the business of medicine, marketing, growing a practice, hear presentations on some of the latest clinical insights and case studies delivered by world-renowned, expert faculty.

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) is pleased to host this international gathering of Physicians, Nurses, PAs, RNs and healthcare professionals from a variety of places, spaces, specialties and backgrounds this Winter … all from the comfort of your home office, couch or exam room and medical practice office.


The 2020 CMT Concierge Medicine Forum will address current trends that are having an impact on the quality of health care today. There will be interactive demonstrations, live Keynote speakers and Q/As, a Virtual Exhibit Hall and more than two dozen speakers and industry experts and breakouts with your Virtual Pass.

NOTE: Group discounts are available as well as spouse discounts.

Winter 2020 Topics Will Include:

(Not limited to): Marketing/Promoting Your Practice; Immunotherapy Advancements; Alzheimer’s; Diabetes Management; Heart Attack and Stroke Research; CBD; Peptides; Social Media FOR DOCTORS; Hybrid Concierge Care Models; Implementing Genomics into Medicine; Reporting Tools in Precision Medicine; Evaluating Clinical Decision Support Tools for Genomic Care In Your Practice; Social Prescribing Medical Research Presentations; Behavior-focused Studies & Evidence Based Practice Design; Medical Marijuana Safety & Effectiveness; Practically Applying and Using Genomic Medicine in the Clinic; A.I. Integration Into Healthcare; Navigating Payor/Insurance Issues; Managing the Trust and Expectations of High-Need Patients; H.R. (Hiring; Retaining Staff; Letting Go of Medical Office Staff); Medical Marijuana Safety and Data/Research; Better Tax Preparation/Organization For My Practice Come Tax Season; Pharmacogenomics Testing; Determine if pharmacogenomic data improves care; How to Better Handle Employee Conflict; Performance Standards in Concierge Care; Research, Vitamins/Supplements; Effectiveness & Safety; Delivery Design & Strategies; Osteopathic Concierge Care; Hospital-based Concierge Medicine Models; Managing anxious, demanding, or dependant patients; Entrepreneurship & the Business of Concierge Medicine; High Performance Diabetes Care; How to Navigate Patient Needs On the Phone Better; Functional Concierge Medicine; Develop ways to use evidence-based medicine data in routine care; Importance of Data Sharing and Data Privacy; High Cholesterol Treatment; Depression Research; Better Health Outcomes; Digital Tech & Telehealth engagement; etc.

“I’ve never given every single presenter the highest marks until today. Excellent, all across the board! This was life-changing, career moving for me. Thank you!”

Internal Medicine Physician, Ohio