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Here are a few renowned multi-centered clinical trial papers (authored by Dr. James Min) that demonstrate the outstanding capacity of CCTA to predict heart attack prone plaque, as well as reinforce Cleerly Health’s mission to reduce heart attacks. We’ve also given readers small summaries here to post with the papers. Please note, this is an important conversation about the world’s greatest public health epidemic.

PARADIGM: Examine the use of statins and their effects over time 

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THE QUESTION: Is rate of progression of atherosclerosis important to risk for heart attack?

Approach: Designed to evaluate the impact of statins on individual coronary atherosclerotic plaques in patients presenting without history of CAD who underwent serial CCTAs.

Conclusions: Statins were associated with slower progression of overall coronary atherosclerosis volume, with increased plaque calcification and reduction of high-risk plaque features. Statins did not affect the progression of percentage of stenosis severity of coronary artery lesions but induced phenotypic plaque transformation.

NOTICE: This conversation(s) do not constitute medical advice.