Each year Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the organizer of the event, receives 300+ speaker applicants from the healthcare and medical innovation community to present on our stage. This is a special place. It’s a community in healthcare where you can share ideas, learn what’s working, explore & trade notes.

Not every speaker or medical education faculty applicant is selected upon final submission. Our team will contact you to learn more about your speaking style, availability and subject matter/topic you wish to present. Over the years the CMT’s Concierge Medicine Forum has grown into the biggest concierge medicine communications and educational event in the world.

Just recently (eg 2020) we brought Virtual CMEs to our medical community as well as a diverse group of speakers, educators, medical faculty and innovative company CEOs and Founders to its stage. It’s not only a place for Physicians to gain practical customer service and communications training, but it’s a welcoming place where Doctor’s, staff, Nurses, PAs, RNs and others can connect and collaborate with a community of like-minded people who do what you do and do it happily.

Please complete the form here to get started … we look forward to learning more from you!

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