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Meet Evidenza Precision Medicine | Co-Chair, Gold Sponsor

Evidenza Precision Medicine™, is a precision medicine solutions company that provides physicians with cutting edge integrated, personalized and evidence-based medicine array of services. Evidenza is a forward-thinking company bringing together these cutting edge technologies and services to the Concierge Medicine community and their patients.

An overview of the services offered by Evidenza include: Evidence-based Medical Outcomes Data and Reports; Hospital and Surgeon Quality Scores Information; Pharmacogenomics Testing; Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis; Limited Genetic Sequencing and Analysis and DocCoverage, an evidence-based service providing physicians with evidence documenting the superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended treatments or drugs that have been denied by insurance carriers. Evidenza offers strategic direction, engagement and relationship management vehicles deployed by professionals that understand and believe in the value and brand that ‘precision medicine’ provides.

Appeal Insurance Denials & Resolve Claims Using Our Proprietary EBM Solution | Click here to learn more/read testimonials …

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Special Evidenza Offer for ALL Physicians/Registered Attendees

Exclusive access to a Genetic Counselor at the 2017 CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM (Oct. 27-28, 2017) in Atlanta … for a thorough walk through of the reports through a secure, remote conference call/screen share session.

The Nexus® 2 genetic test is offered as a special CMT/Evidenza introductory offering at $399 per test. This includes the saliva collection kit, comprehensive reports and lifetime HIPAA-compliant storage of the data. ORDER KIT(s) … | Learn More …

The Nexus® 2 genetic test is offered as a special CMT/Evidenza introductory offering at $399 per test. This includes the saliva collection kit, comprehensive reports and lifetime HIPAA-compliant storage of the data. For those Physicians who would like to try the test out on themselves and plan to attend CMT’s 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum, there will be a time set aside for you to have a special session with Dr. Brandon Colby, to walk through the report and its implications with you. Dr. Colby is the founder of and the author of the book Outsmart Your Genes. If you do not plan to attend the conference, you will have access to a Genetic Counselor for a walk through of the reports through a secure, remote conference call/screen share session.

CLICK HERE TO READ FULL PRESS RELEASE from Concierge Medicine Today/ & Evidenza Precision Medicine … | READ STORY …

Its easy to get started. Simply order a saliva sample collection kit to be used for yourself or for your patients. To participate in this special offering, please email or call For more information on Evidenza and its services, please call 1 (866) 562-1562.

We look forward to seeing you at CMT’s 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta!

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Meet OneOme | Palladium Sponsor


OneOme’s RightMed® pharmacogenomic test helps healthcare providers with timely, evidence-based prescription decisions by combining a patient’s genetic profile and current medications in an interactive report that easily integrates into current practices. OneOme’s RightMed test covers cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, psychiatric conditions, and more. The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care.

Meet Cypress | Palladium Sponsor



Cypress is revolutionizing conventional medicine by providing patients access to a wellness team and personal physician dedicated to delivering the highest level of medical care and personal attention for complete physical, mental and social well-being.

CONTACT Cypress | | By Phone (855) 493-7477

Although Cypress does not own or directly manage physician practices, we provide:

  • direction
    • oversight
  • regulatory support and control
  • on-going legal review
  • tools and methods necessary for a physician to provide a positive experience for each patient encounter.

Meet BioStat Labs| Silver Sponsor


Biostat Logo BLUEBioStat Labs is Shreveport’s newest and most advanced CLIA certified clinical laboratory. Housed in a beautiful 5,000 square foot facility, it offers state-of-the-art testing platforms to assess a wide variety of clinical chemistry biomarkers, as well as toxicology tests. BioStat Labs’ technicians have many years of experience, and they represent a healthcare company that emphasizes accuracy, fast turnaround time and superior support services. Our ethos revolves around the knowledge that behind every specimen is a patient. We believe that diagnostic and preventive laboratory tools not only improve clinical outcomes, but also reduce long term healthcare costs. We are committed to becoming a strategic partner with our customers by providing the personalized service they seek in a lab that meets their growing needs.


Meet Boston Heart Diagnostics | Silver Sponsor

BHD_Reg.Logo_CMYKBoston Heart is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease with novel diagnostics, reports, and a personalized, scientifically designed nutrition and lifestyle program that have the power to change the way healthcare providers and patients communicate about heart health. Our company was founded by accomplished lipidologists, clinicians and scientists who have dedicated their careers to revealing the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease progression. Through extensive research and clinical studies, they showed that standard lipid profiling did not adequately identify individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. They went on to develop and make available advanced methodologies to address this unmet medical need.

Banners 011415_Carousel 1Everything we do, from the tests we perform to our treatment considerations and our Lifestyle Program, uses an evidence-based approach, grounded in over thirty years of original scientific research.

Our Boston Heart HDL Map® and Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance® tests have been performed on over 380,000 and 280,000 patients respectively. Boston Heart’s exclusive test for Statin Induced Myopathy (SLCO1B1) Genotype has been performed on over 250,000 patients. Nearly 26,000 patients have had the Boston Heart Prediabetes Assessment® and the Boston Heart Fatty Acid Balance™ test has been performed on over 57,000 patients.

We have built a leadership team of experienced business professionals, clinicians and scientists who work in close partnership with healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. We provide our services through our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and staff of supporting medical experts.

Meet Specialdocs Consultants | Silver Sponsor

specialdocs logoFounded in 2002, Specialdocs Consultants, LLC is a pioneer in transitioning traditional medical practices nationwide to independent, custom-designed concierge models. Our unique approach ensures that physicians retain their autonomy, with their own names and brand at the forefront of the practice. Specialdocs’ highly experienced staff, along with our reputation for success and integrity across the country, ensures that we remain a leader in transitioning physicians to this independent model. We provide all the essentials and ongoing support for a successful concierge medicine practice – patient communications, staff and physician training, accounting and membership management, patient outreach and marketing, legal and regulatory guidance – and we are dedicated to supporting our physicians through a successful transition process and well beyond.

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Meet Epigenomics | Silver Sponsor

Epigenomics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on developing innovative screening tests for cancer. Our lead product, Epi proColon, is the first and only FDA approved blood-based test for colorectal cancer screening. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has recommended Epi proColon as a Grade A Screening Test. Epi proColon detects methylated Septin 9 DNA in plasma, which is highly correlated with colorectal cancer, via real time PCR. In the US today, 1 in 3, or 23 million eligible people are not screened for colorectal cancer. Epi proColon provides a convenient blood based option to address this non-screened population.

To Learn More About Epigenomics, call Toll Free: +1 844 537 4669 or  please visit:

Meet OutPatient Imaging | Silver Sponsor

OutPatient Imaging began in 2003 and is a fully credited members of these organizations ACR, ICANL, and FDA Mammography. Call 404-CALL-OPI

OutPatient Imaging began in 2003 in Peachtree City, GA. A second location opened in 2007 in Newnan, GA and our newest location in Atlanta, GA began operations in 2017. More locations are coming soon to better serve our patients. We are fully credited members of these organizations ACR, ICANL, and FDA Mammography. If a diagnosis can be achieved with a more cost effective and less invasive procedure/test, the exam will be specifically tailored for the patient by our on-site board certified radiologist. Outpatient Imaging provides significant cost savings in comparison to area hospitals and other imaging centers for the same tests. Unlike many other facilities in the area, OPI is independently owned and radiology physician owned. Referring doctors have absolutely no financial interest or ownership in our centers and do not profit by referring you to us for care.

Call OPI today at 404-CALL-OPI to schedule your exam or visit:

Meet NCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies | Silver Sponsor

ncflogoNCF Diagnostics & DNA Technologies is focused on empowering providers through precision medicine. There have been many advancements in the field of molecular biology over the last decade. The integration of these advancements into clinical practice requires a lab partner who not only has access to the technology, but the expertise to effectively use it to deliver rapid, accurate and actionable results to customers.

NCFDNA is a high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory located in Progress Park, a biotechnology and research community in Alachua, Florida. The leadership team collectively has over 150 years of clinical, laboratory and research experience.

Learn More about NCF, Click Here …

Meet Sovereign Laboratories | Silver Sponsor

SL_4C_logo_lgSovereign Laboratories is a Sedona-based company dedicated to developing natural products that provide the public with the best solutions for optimal health. Our company founder Douglas Wyatt, was the founder and owner of Symbiotics who introduced colostrum for worldwide human consumption. Our management and development team has been involved with colostrum production and research for over twenty years. This level of experience is unmatched by any other company in the world and includes some of the world’s leading colostrum experts and a leading research specialist in gastro-intestinal, allergies and auto-immune conditions, anti-aging, athletic performance and immune-health issues.

Meet Genome Medical | Silver Sponsor

genome_medifcal tspcopyGenome Medical is a nationwide genomics medical practice bringing genetics to everyday life. Our clinical team provides expert genetic health care for individuals and their families to improve health and well-being. We also help clinicians and their patients navigate the rapidly expanding field of genetic testing and use test results to understand the risk for disease, accelerate disease diagnosis, make informed treatment decisions and lower the cost of care. Genome Medical is headquartered in San Francisco.

To learn more, please visit or find us on Twitter @GenomeMed.

Meet Castle Connolly Private Health Partners | Silver Sponsor

castleccphpstatic1.squarespace.comFor more than 20 years, the Castle Connolly mission has been focused on helping consumers find the best healthcare. Through our “Top Doctors” series and the process of identifying a network of some of the nation’s most renowned specialists, the Castle Connolly name has become synonymous with healthcare quality and leadership.

The Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) program utilizes an evidence-based approach and tested best practices. Physicians who join CCPHP can expect an extraordinary level of quality and service. The company was founded by two respected leaders in healthcare, John K. Castle, MBA, and John J. Connolly, Ed.D. Dr. Connolly was the President of New York Medical College for more than ten years.

Meet MDVIP | Friday Lunch Sponsor

mdvip2MDVIP leads the market in membership-based healthcare that goes far beyond concierge medicine services. With a national network of more than 950 primary care physicians serving over a quarter million patients, MDVIP is at the forefront of consumer-directed care.  MDVIP-affiliated physicians limit the size of their practices in order to invest the time needed to provide patients with highly individualized service and attention, including a comprehensive annual preventive care program and customized wellness plan. Published research shows that the MDVIP model saves millions of dollars in cost to the healthcare system through reduced hospitalizations and readmissions. For more information, visit

Meet The American College of Private Physicians ( | Friday Evening Reception Sponsor

The American College of Private Physicians (ACPP) is the professional society for established, successfully functioning direct practices. Our goal is to utilize this network to determine the best practice designs for marketing, service offerings, staff training, cross coverage, business management, practice growth and other issues that will add value and quality to your day to day practice. We believe the benefits of affiliation will so outweigh the cost that you will find membership in ACPP a top priority near that of membership in your specialty society. Advocacy and a strong political voice are important aspects of our charter. We have strong representation with both state and national governments to lobby politicians on the benefits of direct practice. We will show the policy makers that the work we do is not just for those who can easily afford it, but must be made the standard, and a viable choice, for primary care everywhere. Primary care cannot be seen as purely transactional, but based on the relationships that promote trust and confidence between doctor and patient. This is ultimately the best way to lower cost, enhance quality, prevent medical errors, and improve satisfaction.

To Learn More About The ACPP, please visit: or call to inquire about joining this professional society of physicians at (855) 332-5120

Meet WellcomeMD | Other Supporting Sponsor(s)

wellcome md logoWellcomeMD is a concierge medical company specializing in highly personalized, preventative primary care, physician-led health coaching, cutting edge labs, and genomics.

WellcomeMD physicians experience a balance of security and growth. We acquire successful concierge practices with the opportunity to grow. Our physicians receive a healthy guaranteed salary, retain a stake in their practice, and are awarded incentives as WellcomeMD grows their practice. All this so that they can focus on the medicine while we handle the marketing and administration.

WellcomeMD is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and led by Linda Nash. Linda previously founded and grew PartnerMD to over 9,000 patients, 28 concierge doctors, and 11 locations in nine cities, from Seattle to Baltimore.