What Previous CMT FORUM Physicians, Guests and Attendees …

“One day I want the Ritz-Carlton to study you …”

“You can’t get this online. You have to be here!”

~Physician, Nebraska

“We need to be ‘Anything is possible’ Doctors for our Patients. It’s what they expect and it’s what they deserve outside these doors from us.”

“People who are bothered by the idea of radical hospitality in healthcare drastically undervalue their Doctor and distort the math. The bar has been set so low in the medical marketplace today that Patients never talk about what a great Doctor they have. It is the opposite. America’s Best Places to Work never include a Doctor’s office. Kick those walls over and keep on walking. Your next Patient is not going to wait much longer.”

“There are plenty of nights I drive home from visiting with a Patient and their family in the hospital and wonder ‘Why do they let me be their Doctor?’ I’m blessed to be in this line of work in my community.”

“There’s something special happening here. I’m able to sit down with my peers, turn down the noise in my life … low enough & long enough … to be curious and creative as a Physician again.

“I learned so much! Very effective presentation [Medical Marijuana].”

“I would definitely send Patients to this program [e.g. Pritikin, Exhibitor] … looks very nice.”

“Everything was laid out well.”

“Connection to new technologies and learning from peers was stellar.”

“This is cool stuff [Evidence-Based Medicine Data Utility & Use In Concierge Care]!”

“Great command of subjects. Articulate speakers, informed and enthusiastic exhibitors.”

“I thought it was fantastic. It really is a great high-level overview with a deeper dive in into the world of genetics and how to apply them in every day practice.”

“Very dynamic, energetic and spot on.”

“Practical. Fast. Good range of covering operational practice matters. Great job!”

“Practical, direct, experience and inspiring speakers.”

“Energetic conference!”

“I loved the takeaway content to use Monday morning!”

“Presented good information for use in clinical practice. Thank you!”

“Very informative and relevant to my practice!”

“Full of energy, engaging and informative!”

“Wow! Wild, complex topic presented in a great way. Great job corralling a glimpse of an overwhelming movement [e.g. Medical Cannabis Research Use, Utility, Challenge and Opportunities in Medicine].”

“Very informative and productive [conference]. I have to say this conference has a lot of “HEART” and the passion from exhibitors, attendees and the speakers was palpable. GREAT JOB!”